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How we are serving locally:

The Missions Team provides ways for Creekside to corporately fulfill our vision; specifically the Great Commandment (to love God and others) and the Great Commission (to make disciples of all nations).

Service flows out of our lives and becomes part of our daily worship, bringing God’s love and his Kingdom to earth in real, relevant and practical ways. Watch the weekly Upcoming email for opportunities to serve on special projects. Contact Peder Brakke or Jennifer Friesen if you would like to volunteer with Young Life.

Creekside financially supports the following local ministries:

Peder Brakke
Keith Ferrin
Jennifer Friesen
Doug & Kelly Humphreys

Peder Brakke

Peder Brakke

MINISTRY: Young Life
CONTACT INFO: redmond.younglife.org
OPPORTUNITIES: Committed Leaders, Northlake Support Team (encouragement to leaders, financial development, community networking), Monthly Financial Support

Young Life is way more being and living than it is saying or preaching. We want to love each and every kid in these schools with the good news of Jesus Christ but believe it needs to happen in a relational way… which takes a community. It takes sacrificial volunteers, caring adults, financial support, and the community to rally around this mission to love the disinterested in Redmond. In Redmond we have one high school and two middle schools (Redmond and Evergreen)… and another two private schools… nearly 5,000 kids in all!

Peder is the Northlake Area Director, so his focus extends to the east and west to include the Lake Washington, Juanita, and Cedarcrest communities as well. We’re continually building, training, and leading folks to enter the world of kids, build friendships, sit with kids when they hurt, and offer them hope that can be found in Jesus. Everyone has a place in this mission.

  • Pray for relationships with kids and the opportunity to allow God speak through the leaders, as they share not only the Gospel but their very lives as well.
  • Pray that the relationships we build will lead to mountaintop experiences at Club and Camp. Pray also that we can come down from the mountain and continue a lifetime of walking alongside kids and families, offering hope, and pointing to Jesus.
  • Pray that new folks will have a passion and calling to lead Young Life.

More Info: Video – A Party with a Purpose

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Keith Ferrin

Keith Ferrin

MINISTRY: That You May Know Ministries
CONTACT INFO: www.keithferrin.com

Keith Ferrin founded That You May Know Ministries and has been doing dramatic presentations of word-for-word Scripture since March of 1996. He speaks at conferences, retreats, churches and universities. His practical, humorous, and thought-provoking style makes the Word come alive for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. He blogs regularly at www.keithferrin.com and is the author of three books:

That You May Know Ministries exists to introduce Jesus to people who don’t know Him yet, and lead those who already know Him into a greater understanding of, and deeper love for Him and His Word. Keith’s desire is to truly help people discover that the living Word of God is a reality…not a phrase.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for bookings, Keith’s schedule, and health and safety as he travels.
  • Pray for Keith’s family back home while he travels.

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Jennifer Friesen

MINISTRY: Young Life, Eastside Capernaum
CONTACT INFO: www.eastsidecapernaum.younglife.org

The mission of Young Life is that every adolescent deserves to hear about Jesus Christ and be invited to choose to believe and follow Him, including kids with disabilities! Capernaum is a ministry of Young Life reaching out specifically to kids with disabilities (i.e. Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, physical disabilities, etc.). Eastside Capernaum Staff and volunteers are building relationships with kids and their families in Redmond and Bellevue primarily. Through YL clubs, camps and friendships, kids with special needs get to hear that they are not a mistake, but created with purpose in God’s image. They create adventure, fun, laughter and friendship for kids who are lonely, friendless and isolated. Young Life Capernaum leaders learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, in order to share and experience Christ fully and unexpectedly.

Aside from ministry to high school and college aged kids (15-25), Young Life Eastside Capernaum is partnering with local churches to facilitate and support small group Bible studies with young adults with disabilities, enabling growth in Christ and friendships beyond adolescent years. Less than 5% of churches have an outreach to people with disabilities, despite 15% of our population having a disability! This partnership is designed for mutual benefit to the Church as well as our friends with special needs.

Check out our video to see more about Young Life Capernaum.

Ways you can pray for Young Life Capernaum:

  • New volunteers of all ages and shapes to be YL leaders and small group facilitators.
  • Growing partnerships with local churches who want to reach out to people with disabilities.
  • New financial partners and local businesses to join our team.
  • Kids with disabilities and their families will come to know Jesus!

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Doug and Kelly Humphreys

Doug and Kelly Humphreys

MINISTRY: CRM Empowering Leaders – ReWire Seattle
CONTACT INFO: doug.humphreys@crmleaders.org, www.crmleaders.org

Doug is the Seattle Director of ReWire, a ministry of CRM Empowering Leaders.

CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus by pioneering new ground among the unreached and unchurched, bringing lasting transformation among the poor, and mobilizing the Church for mission.

ReWire brings transformation that creates missionaries: Love for the least, Passion for the lost, Hope for the left out.

The world is increasingly broken; more and more problems, more and more people affected by those problems each day. Jesus is the answer to the problems in the world. His work is through the local church which is called to overcome hell on earth.

In order to do so, the Church must be rewired so that it can validate and empower the contribution every person can make, and create missionaries – ordinary people as missionaries in their own community, Kingdom agents among the poor. ReWire brings the processes to make this happen: Discipleship for a new era, missional spiritual formation offered in both churches and regional training centers; yearlong residential internships run by ReWire in neighborhoods of need; experiential vision trips that bring up close and personal learning from missionaries in places of deep poverty around the globe and more.

Ways you can pray:

  • Partnerships with local churches who seek to see transformation and mission in their congregations
  • Financial partners necessary to fully launch ReWire Seattle
  • Ordinary people discovering and living out their call

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