Pastoral Search

Creekside is currently in the process of searching for our new lead pastor. We wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the search process and our current progress. Questions can be directed to the Pastor Search Team at

Steps in calling a new pastor:

  1. Form Pastor Search Team (PST)
  2. Prepare church profile packet for distribution to potential candidates
  3. Meet with North Pacific Conference (NPC) Superintendent and get approval of church profile
  4. Receive/review names from NPC Superintendent
  5. Interviews with potential candidates
  6. Invite a single selected candidate for congregational visit
  7. PST Recommends final candidate to congregation
  8. Congregation votes to extend call to pastor
  9. Pastor accepts call
  10. New pastor is installed

As of February 17th we have closed the application process and the Pastor Search Team is reviewing applications.

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